Bart stone
Lead pastor

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seth hoover
Forsyth campus pastor

Layer 3.jpg

david powers
executive pastor

Layer 6.jpg

debbie swaggerty

Layer 4.jpg

Luke McGee
eagle’s landing campus pastor

Layer 9.jpg

Zach zook
Worship Pastor

Layer 8.jpg

Alex merritT
Eagle’s landing student pastor

Layer 5.jpg

chad ferris
tech/mcdonough student pastor

Layer 10.jpg

Matt mauk
central children’s pastor

Layer 11.jpg

jimmy thomson
eagle’s landing children’s pastor

Layer 12.jpg

reggie ammons
MCdonough children’s pastor

Layer 13.jpg

Renee allen
CENTRAL PREschool pastor / Transform lead

It’s not a career. It’s a calling.


We believe in creating an atmosphere for those who want to join their talents with their passion for growing the local church. This is a place where people work closely together to advance one common vision. If you are interested please contact -