Seven Deadly Sins :: Sloth

  • First things first ask about their previous week and how they did with their next steps for purity.

  • Secondly make sure you have any student there who haven’t filled out a connect card fill it out so we can make sure and get an accurate list of groups this semester. (This can be found in the momentum app or by texting moxie to 555888)

  • Greg defined slothfulness as being lazy - not wanting to do any work. And he defined diligence as careful and persistent work or effort, or the same as determination.

    • Ask the students:

      • What are the things you feel slothful about in your every day life?

      • What are the things you are diligent about in your every day life?

    • Discuss why the difference exists (most likely will land on wanting (being interested) in doing some things and not others.

  • As Christ followers we no longer have a space between doing what we love and doing what needs to be done. They can be two different things but we must see them the same. We have to find the love of doing what needs to be done because:

    • Read Hebrews 12:1-2

      • What does this mean?

  • Finish life group out by revisiting our 3 steps from the message

    • Keep your heart

      • Read Proverbs 4:23 in group

      • How can they start to keep their heart this week?

    • Practice virtues that keep you fruitful.

      • Read 2 Peter 1:3-11 in group

      • Which of the virtues in that passage are the easiest for you?

      • Which are the hardest for you?

      • How are you going to practice these virtues the rest of this school year?

    • Surround yourself with people who stir these virtues in you.

      • Read 2 Peter 1:12 in group

      • How can we as a life group stir these virtues in one another?

      • Who is one person in your life that is diligent that you could start spending more time with?

  • Finish with Prayer

We will know we have hit our target if:

-Students are aware of Collision and have been thoroughly hyped about coming to the weekend.

-All students commit to hold each other accountable to the virtues of the faith

-All students hae identified at least one area of slothfulness in their life and leave with a plan of action on how to be diligent in that area.

-Life Group time has some fun memories!

Matthew Mauk