Only :: Scripture

  • First things first ask about their week so far and what stuck with them from last week’s Only Grace message.

  • Ask the students :

    • What caught your attention in the teaching?

    • Centuries ago, the rallying cry "Scripture Alone!" became important because people were giving just as much if not more authority to church tradition and church leaders as they were to the Bible. We still struggle with this today.

      • What are some things in life we give more authority to than scripture?

    • During the teaching, Luke said, “The One who created life gets to tell us how it is best lived, and he has chosen to tell us through scripture.”

      • How would you explain it in your own words?

    • Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

      • What does this teach us about scripture?

      • What can scripture be used for?

    • Do you love scripture?

      • If not, what are some ways you could grow your affections for it?

    • Do you submit to scripture?

      • When the Bible does not say what you want it to say, how do you respond?

    • Do you test everything by scripture?

      • Does the Bible have the final say for you in what is true and right and beautiful?

      • If not, who or what has the final say?

  • Finish with Prayer

We will know we have hit our target if:

-Students spend some time actively in the Bible.

-We explore the idea of only scipture with our groups in a way that makes it applicable to their current contexts.

-Any conversations or life from this past weekend spill into our groups as we explore the power of scripture.

Matthew Mauk