Seven Deadly Sins :: Gluttony

  • First things first ask about their previous week and how they did with their next step in fighting wrath.

  • Secondly you will have a list of all the students who have registered in your group so far. Make sure you have any student there who haven’t filled out a connect card(that is anyone not on your sheet) fill it out so we can make sure and get an accurate list of groups this semester.(This can be found in the momentum app or by texting moxie to 555888)

  • Any student who still has their marshmallow go ahead and hand them another. Then talk about the marshmallow test at Stanford university in the 90’s. children were given a marshmallow and told if they waited they could have another marshmallow. Some waited and had self control while others went ahead and ate the marshmallow. They followed up with these kids when they were older and found that those who practiced self control were healthier, had better test scores and more conventional success than those who didn’t. But that isn’t the most valuable thing the study taught us. It helped us understand that it is possible to teach self-control. One of the simplest and most effective ways is with IF-Then strategies. That is our hope tonight. That we would identify something we consume to much of. And then build a strategy for self-control. An example would be “If I feel like watching an entire season of Stranger things in one sitting, then I will instead pray for strength and find a crazy story in my bible to read”

    • Ask the students what they identified in their lives and to come up with an if then strategy

  • Now lets see what else the bible has to say about this:

    • Read Proverbs 25:28

      • What does this mean?

    • Read 2 Timothy 1:7

      • When it says God gave us a spirit what is it talking about?

    • Read Matthew 5:6

      • How do we hunger and thirst for righteousness instead of our own worldly desires?

  • Finish life group out by revisiting our 4 steps from the message

    • Identify at least one thing of this world that you consume more of than is healthy.

    • Ask Jesus for help. That he would give you self control in that area.

    • Fast from that thing for a time as an act of obedience to God.

    • Replace the time you would spend doing that thing walking with Jesus in prayer, reading, or serving.

  • What is their if then strategy considering those steps?

  • Finish with Prayer

We will know we have hit our target if:

-Students are aware of Collision and have been thoroughly hyped about coming to the weekend.

-Everyone leave with a simple "if then" strategy for one area of gluttony in their lives

-And if life groups have been a safe place for everyone to plug into our moxie family

Matthew Mauk