Copy of Seven Deadly Sins :: Wrath

  • First things first ask about their previous week and how they did with their next step in fighting envy.

  • Secondly you will have a list of all the students who have registered in your group so far. Make sure you have any student there who haven’t filled out a connect card(that is anyone not on your sheet) fill it out so we can make sure and get an accurate list of groups this semester.(This can be found in the momentum app or by texting moxie to 555888)

  • Third, have your groups break off in smaller groups. Have each group look up one or more of the following stories in the Bible and answer the below questions.

    • Mark 11:15-18

    • Genesis 4:3-12

    • 1 Samuel 18:6-11

    • Galatians 2:11-14

    • Acts 15:36-41

  • After reading the passage, answer these questions:

    • Who was angry in this story?

    • What made this person angry?

    • Was this person’s anger justified? Why or why not?

    • How did the person deal with the anger?

  • Here are some insight for you if you need them leaders:

    • Mark 11:15-17—Jesus was rightfully angry over the misuse of the temple and took prompt action with His authority as God’s Son to correct the situation. The chief priests were wrong to be angry at Jesus and made sinful plans to kill Him.

    • Genesis 4:3-12—Cain was wrong to be angry with Abel. His own sin made his sacrifice unacceptable to God. He dealt with his anger sinfully by murdering Abel.

    • 1 Samuel 18:6-11—Saul was sinfully angry with David because of his jealousy and attempted to kill him.

    • Galatians 2:11-14—Paul was rightfully angry with Peter because of his hypocrisy and was correct to rebuke Peter publicly for having withdrawn from the Gentiles when the Jews arrived.

    • Acts 15:36-41—Paul and Barnabas were both angry with each other over the choice of a travel companion. Their sharp dispute was probably an example of sinful anger and caused their efforts for the Lord to be divided.

  • Finish life group out by revisiting our 4 steps from the message

    • Have compassionate hearts - Forgive them for what they did.

    • Show kindness - Be kind to your enemies.

    • Have Humility - sit down. Let God be God.

    • Show patience - Wait on God. Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to sit still.”

  • What can each of them do to step into one of these this coming week? (Leaders make a list you can follow up with)

  • Finish with Prayer

We will know we have hit our target if:

-Students know you have spent time praying and thinking about them this past week

-Students leave with a simple next step for this coming week to eliminate wrath and forgive those who have wronged them

-And if they have successfully navigated and learned more about their Bible

Matthew Mauk