Proclaim :: Be Bold

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This week we heard from Devin on the video and how he struggled with being himself as a Christ follower in his friends groups. He talked about learning how important it was to have friendships with people who really know you. And he talked about how we as followers do not need to be scared to proclaim.

What do you remember the most about Devin's story?

Leaders: Devin mentioned Romans 1:16 in his story. Read Romans 1:16 and discuss what it means in your group. Tie it to Devin’s story.

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We also heard from Steven who talked about how important relationships are when it comes to proclaiming the Gospel. He talked about letting go of worrying about what people would think of him and started to build real relationships with people on his team by resting in the confidence of Christ. He talked about Jacob and we found out first hand how his life has changed because o

Have you ever had someone like Steven in your life?
Someone who talks about their faith with courage who made you more courageous?

Have you ever had someone like Jacob in your life?
Someone who you were honest with about your faith and that you cared about and served.

Leaders: Joby talked through the gospel from the very beginning. Spend a few minutes with your students and have them work through the timeline below. Find fun ways to do it. Make sure you read the scripture. There should be at least one paper Bible in your life group bucket


Leaders: Finish up by spending some time talking through the ways they can step into proclaiming the Gospel in their relationships and with courage.

If you have extra time enjoy it Ask them how their week is going, check back in with them about things they have talked about before, etc.

Matthew Mauk