Copy of Resolve :: When you have confidence in God your conviction makes you unstoppable

  • Once you get into Life Groups make sure each of the students is following insta at @moxiestudents and that they are on the email list.

  • Also have a conversation about ciy mix and move: Who’s plannning on going? Who hasn’t been etc? Have a small conversation about how fun it is - the students who have been are a great resource.


We spent some time exploring what it means to have confidence in God. About how God’s promises are always fulfilled, even in our every day lives.

Leaders: Give each student a small piece of paper and a pen and have them write an answer to this question:

What are the ways that you see God's faithfulness
in your life everyday?

Have the students share their answers - Discuss and praise God for those things.

Read Philippians 4:10-20

Verse 19-20 Says “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen..”

Here we see God deserves all the glory for all the promises he keeps.

Leaders:Grab another small sheet of paper for each student and have them write an answer to this question:

What are the things that can distract you
from seeing how God fulfills His promises?

Have the students share their answers - Have them flip the paper over and write one way they can avoid those distractions.

Read Luke 10:38-42

Martha is distracted with Life and is not focused on Jesus. Who he is (God) and what that means. Mary was totally focused on the most important thing, and because of that she knew the promises of God were fulfilled.

Jesus teaches us in this instance that being is more important than doing.

Leaders: Hand out one last paper and have the students answer this question:

What is one practical way you can help yourself
remember and recognize the ways that He is faithful?

Have the students flip their paper over and collect them up. Redistribute them randomly and have the students read their papers. Have each student explain an example of this in the real world.

As a group read Romans 8:37-39.
Now discuss the different ways God is faithful in these verses.

Leaders: Make sure if they have any new questions that have come up over the last week you address them, and if you left last week with unanswered questions this is a time to start working through those as well.

Pray about specific people in their lives who need to know

God’s promises are always fulfilled..

Matthew Mauk