We believe that our presence in our community is not a coincidence.
We believe that God has placed us here in this specific location, in this specific time to be agents of transformation.

We hope to be a group of people who transform our communities with the Gospel.



What is better than ice cream? Free ice cream.

Since before we had our first gatherings, we have had our Ice Cream Truck. It is a fun way for us to serve our community. It is a great way for children to participate in transforming our families as well.

(If you would like our truck to be part of your next event,



There are a growing number of elementary school students in our community whose emotional and social needs eclipse their ability and motivation to learn. Having a consistent mentor come alongside them at this vulnerable time can dramatically affect their lives.

We have partnered with Kids Hope USA to provide mentors for students at Hampton Elementary Charter School and Hickory Flat Charter Elementary School.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor at one of our partner schools, please contact - McD Campus: kidshopewr@momentumcc.com // EL Campus: kidshopeel@momentumcc.org@gmail.com



Furniture helps bring families together.

Realizing the necessity of furniture to help bring a family together, and promote health and education through proper rest, the Movers & Shakers Furniture Ministry collects and distributes donated furniture to those in need.

Furniture Donations
Furniture Needs


foster care

Every child needs a home.

Over 200 children in our community are without a family. With an inadequate number of foster homes currently, children from our community are sent to homes in other cities.

We have partnered with FaithBridge Foster Care to provide homes for children in our community.

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