Life Group 3.27.19

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Just a quick Review of this series:

Week 1 - God gives us conviction to carry out His will.

Week 2 - When you have certainty of the Gospel your conviction makes you unstoppable.

Week 3 - When you have confidence in the promises of God your conviction makes you unstoppable.

Tonight - When you have humility your conviction makes you unstoppable.

What stood out to you the most from the series?

Do you think it is difficult for people to live with conviction? Why or Why Not?

People live with conviction about a lot of different things, but the message of Jesus through the Gospels are the only things we can stand firmly upon.

Spend a few minutes to consider these questions for your self as a leader reads them out loud.

*Leaders, read the questions and allow a few moments of silence for each one.

What are some convictions you have in life?

Do your actions line up with those convictions?

Are there any areas of your life you need to reshape your beliefs, values, or actions?

Does anyone want to share some of their thoughts?

As a part of life group, our goal is to find ways to spur one another on and encourage each other in the conviction of Jesus.

Take a few minutes and things of some tangible ways we can, as a group, call each other to our convictions.

How can we pray for you this week?

Alex Merritt