LifeGroup 1.23.19


  1. Leaders will briefly review the LG expectations.

  2. What stood out to you tonight?

  3. Everyone get a Bible. We are going to read through 2 Thessalonians 1 together as a group. Each member of the group will read one verse until we finish the chapter. 

  4. Ask and allow the students to discuss:
    ”How can you prepare for persecution in your life?”

    (Possible Answers Below)

    1. Prayer 

    2. Reading Scripture

    3. Seeking wisdom from other believers

    4. Sharing our weakness with other believers in order to gain encouragement

  5. As we shared during teaching, we are challenging everyone to read the chapter we studied tonight everyday for the next week. Next week we will share what stood out to us over the week. 

  6. As we end, practice what Paul called the Church of Thessalonica to practice. 

    1. Allow everyone to share what’s going on in their lives. 

    2. Spend some time praying as a group. 

Alex Merritt