While Jesus lived on earth for over 33 years before He was crucified, He spent merely 40 days on earth after He resurrected. During those 40 days, He spent time with people, proving Himself to them and meeting them where they were. The Resurrected Jesus chose to spend 40 days helping people in their shame, confusion, doubts, guilt, and anxiety. What could happen if we spent 40 days with Him? Could His resurrection from the dead really change us?

Would you join us over the next 40 days as we learn more about the Resurrected Jesus?


F O R T Y   |  teaching series

Follow along with us as we study a handful of the many interactions Jesus had with people after His resurrection.

We will be looking at these accounts each Sunday for the next 40 days. We’d love to see you at one of our gatherings (9:30am & 11l:15am at each campus).

If you miss  Sunday, you can watch the teaching here. Or, you can listen on our App or our teaching podcast.

F O R T Y  |  podcast miniseries

We have created a 40 day podcast to supplement our study of the resurrected Jesus.
We will explore the accounts of people who saw Jesus after His resurrection to see what they can teach us about Jesus, but also about ourselves.
We’d love for you to join us on our app or wherever you access podcasts on your device (search “Mobilize Momentum”).